Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Now, B and I work very hard for a living.  She diligently rolls around in gold and silver coins all day, while I’m essentially a lunch-bags-full-of-drugs- and IUD-slinger.  Luckily, both of us have access to Google Talk while at work, which permits us to pretend that we’ve both made careers out of cracking up alone in our workspaces like a coupl’a taints.
This, combined with the fact that we both have Android phones welded to our wrists, hopefully explains the obscene amount of chatlog content coming your way.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
To get the ball rolling, a bit from 6/27/11, which I’m calling “Genesis,”  because I do what I want.
K:   i think i'm going to have a meaty sandwich for dinner
i feel cloudy
B:   Yummy.
K:   i like the idea of feeling like a weather pattern better than i expected
B:   :-)
K:   tune me out
i'm well aware of how ridiculous i am
B:   Cloudy with a chance of bitch
K:   HA!
B:   I like that a lot.
K:   we seriously need to start a 'shit my wife says' blog
i'll start it if you'll join me on the crazy train
B:   Bring it on.
K:   bring that lappy to the laundromat and we'll make it happen
B:   Can doodle do
K:   :-D

I love us.

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